Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Infinite Stratos season 2...

Rumor has it that Producing of “IS SEASON 2″…may be difficult.
They say that original author ”Izuru Yumizuru” is a controversial figure.
I read his blog…I don’t cotton to him at all.
According to the leaked information by some “staff”,
(It has not been ascertained whether or not this was really information.)
"Contract of him with MEDIA FACTORY is already broken.
New book will not be issued…(snip)
To survive, He went to sales Kadokawa group(Including Dengeki), I think.
But his bad reputation is already well-known, -Turn down a suit-…(snip)
By the look of things, OVA will be final product of IS."
Actually, His book(IS)… Began to be removed from Japanese bookstore.
It was a doughy mess in Japanese OTAKU.(in early February, 2012)

As 21 March 2012, situation remains unchanged.
At some bookstore...IS(original novel) sale end at February 29.

This is an announcement of "The 10th Anniversary of MFJ pocket edition -Summer School Festival-".
NO CHARACTERS of Infinite Stratos.

*P.S. Due to circumstances, removed some Japanese source links.
If you want Japanese source, Please search this word in Japanese search sites.
"IS 打ち切り"

But... in small drops, Anime-related products seems to have been sold.
This is for iPhone.
Vocal Best Album(March 14 out)
and some new illustrations published in Anime magazine.

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